Mom My Tummy Hurts!

How often do you hear this from your little ones? And how often do wrack your brain trying to think – did they catch a bug? Did they eat something that was off? Are they reacting to a food? And although kidlets can be quite cute when trying to describe how it ‘feels’, how often do you get frustrated trying to understand exactly what is going on for them?

This sore tummy is actually called Non-specific Abdominal Pain (NSAP) and is the ‘most common diagnosis on discharge following admission (to the hospital) for abdominal pain in childhood’.

So what you’re saying is they walk in to the hospital with a sore tummy and they walk out with a sore tummy?

This article also says that if a child is initially diagnosed with NSAP, the risk within the next ten years of being diagnosed with appendicitis or inflammatory bowel disease is heightened. Furthermore, post ten years, the risk of being diagnosed with a functional disorder (irritable bowel syndrome) or celiac is heightened.

Eek. Not good.

Solution: These little mini patients can step out the hospital doors and walk right through my clinic room door because these tummy issues don’t have to go untreated!

I can help to relieve you, as a parent, from wracking your brain for answers and figure them out together. How did this happen? What is really going on? And how are we going to fix it?

I’ll look at labs that have been done at the hospital or any other medical visits and possibly run more, I’ll ask a bazillion questions surrounding digestion, and a million more about other body systems that affect digestion. After gathering all the info, I’ll take a look and feel of your little ones belly and other organ systems, and we can then come up with a solution.

Growing a healthy digestive tract ensures a solid micro biome and therefore a strong immune system! Why? Because 80% of our immune system sits in our digestive tract. Starting these little patients on the right foot saves them from digestion issues and more importantly immune conditions, in the future. Imagine if we knew this when we were young? How many ppl would be walking around IBS, IBD and/or celiac free?