Menopause - Oh no, not you?!

Are you or your mom, another family member or a friend at that point in life where random hot flashes occur, sleep patterns (or lack there of!) are slightly out of whack, mood is as labile as a Jerry Springer’s guest, weight just can't seem to stay off, and plain and simple you just ‘don’t feel like yourself’?

Menopause may be knocking at the door.

The worst part about it is that you have to answer it! At some point all women have to answer it, as this is a natural process in life. But guess what? Naturopathic medical support can actually make this ride very smooth….so listen up!

As much as we think that this is only a ‘hormonal’ issue, its not. Through an initial intake, I can assess your specific experience of perimenopause, understand what body systems are involved in your symptoms (ie insomnia, hot flashes, mood swings), and go about treating you for your specific needs. This can involve lab assessments via blood or salivary testing, as well as treatment with specific herbs, supplements and acupuncture.

Soon you will be opening that door and dancing your way through it! I look forward to supporting you through this transitional time in your life so lets chat.