Conditions Treated #2: Urinary Tract Infections are SUCH a Pain!

Urinary tract infections (UTI’s) are the worst. The burning sensation when you’re peeing? Ouch, right? You feel like you need to go pee, you sit down, and nothing happens? So annoying! And worst of all, you think you’ve got rid of the UTI with antibiotics, only to feel another one come on shortly after the last one is gone? It’s terrible.

Getting rid of a UTI is one thing, preventing them from reoccurring is another. You can get relief both short term and long term! Here’s how:

The initial step in taking care of you is to perform both blood and urine tests in order to know what kind of bug we are dealing with as well as how far up the urinary tract is being effected (ie urethra, bladder, ureters or kidneys). That way we are sure to target exactly what little bug is causing all your uncomfortable symptoms as well as target the correct part of the tract. 

Secondly, treatment for you will entail a protocol involving one or some of the following modalities: herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, and/or lifestyle and nutrition changes. Goals of our treatment include killing the bug causing infection, supporting the urinary tract tissue to disable bugs to stick to it, soothing the urinary tract to heal the aggravated tissue and increasing the urinary flow to flush out the system.

Longer term, working to boost your immune system, assessing what is causing systemic inflammation and treating this, as well as strengthening the tissue in the urinary tract, you’ll find yourself wondering when the last time you had a UTI!