Conditions Treated #1: Ear Infections - Getting rid of that ear tugging for good!

If your babe, toddler or kidlet has a runny nose, its one thing. But when they start to tug on their ears, become fevered, and fuss more than usual, it’s another. We as parents immediately think of the worst – the dreaded ear infection.

Ear infections are scary! Instead of waiting around at a walk in clinic for hours and walking out with yet another round of antibiotics, call me - I can help right away!

Not only do you want to get rid of the current infection your babe has at that moment, but also help their system to prevent even a hint of another one coming on again! Here is how:

First of all – I will assess your baby’s ear by inspecting not only inside the ear, but the surrounding area – head, neck, chest, and digestion.

Depending on the assessment, supporting their immune system is key for two reasons: a) it will fight off the bug that is causing any redness, inflammation or pain in and around the ear and b) it will help to drain the area of fluid that has accumulated which may be the culprit for decreased hearing! This can be done through a number of different modalities used – anything from herbal medicine to homeopathic remedies as well as using foods and accessories you can probably find in your fridge and cupboards already!

Lastly – supporting the health of the ear canals as well as the overall immune system, we can help to decrease its chance of becoming infected again. Lets make sure those ear-tugging days are gone for good!