Acupuncture for Pregnancy, Labor preparation and Induction, and Fertility

Are you looking to become pregnant? Are you pregnant, almost due, and ready for babe to make its entrance? Are you trying to become pregnant, either naturally or through IVF/IUI? Come in for acupuncture!

Lately a lot of my naturopathic patients have been in need of acupuncture treatment. Having seen the demand, I have recently designed acupuncture specific intake forms and updated our clinic website to allow for acupuncture initial and follow up appointments.  Book online here:

Here’s how one can benefit:

Prepping the body for pregnancy: Acupuncture can help to regulate hormone levels, increase blood flow to uterus and pelvic organs, decrease stress levels and improve ovarian function in order to maximize conception rates.

Labor prep and induction: Acupuncture can help to tone the uterus for its future work out (ie labor!), as well as ripen the cervix for dilation to occur, relax and soften ligaments so that baby can drop into pelvic region, and aid in decreasing stress to encourage baby to come.

Undergoing fertility treatment via Artificial Reproductive Technology: Acupuncture has proven to be beneficial during treatment and in the following specific scenarios - 

  • During a medicated cycle acupuncture can lower stress levels, support ovarian response to medication, and supports follicular growth
  • Before and during egg retrieval acupuncture can increase blood flow to ovaries, helps body recover from anesthetic and prepares uterus for embryo transfer
  • Pre and post IVF transfer – acupuncture can be performed to support implantation, relax the cervix, and increase pregnancy rates. In one study, acupuncture increased chances of success in IVF by 65%! 
  • Post transfer acupuncture can help to relieve stress levels that tend to rise during this time period

Any questions, feel free to ask me at I look forward to working with you!