Enter Sniffles Magoo

Wintertime equals cold and flu season and its hit our home! Barrett, 4 months old yesterday, has not only caught a case of the smiles (constantly!), but also a runny goobery nose and a rattily chest cough.

Listening to his cough and watching that lovely fluid come out of his lil’ button nose is a bit disturbing to say the least. I’m all, ‘hey guy, your nose is running, you need a Kleenex or something?’ And he’s all, ‘hey mom, give me a break, I’m sick!’ And I’m all, ‘but you wont stop smiling, how come you’re so happy with a nose like that?’ And he’s all, ‘Cause you look funny when you talk all high pitched and smile all the time!’ And I’m all, ‘ok - fair comment - 1 Barrett, 0 Mom’...I digress.

Having caught it a couple days ago, what I am hoping for is a speedy recovery. My overall goal is to boost Bear’s immune system in order for his own body to fight the germs. Here’s what I’m doing to make that happen:

1.     24 hour milk bar has increased its bar service! Breast milk is this little guy’s number one source of immune boosting juices. Its chalked full of immune factors helping to kill off any bacterial or viral exposure the little munchkins come in contact with. Its incredible, actually, just how many immune boosting components there are to breast milk – check it out here.

2.     Castor oil/Eucalyptus rubs – Castor oil has been used for hundreds of years. Even before my parents were around (Just joking Dad!) In all seriousness, castor oil used topically acts as an antinflammatory, immunostimulant, and antimicrobial. As well, eucalyptus is an essential oil with antibacterial properties. I’d say a good six times a day and night I lather the little Bears chest, back and the bottom of his feet in this DIY concoction. I’ve scored a brand of castor oil that doesn’t stain his clothing, is quite thick, and absorbs readily.

3.     Eucalyptus inhalation – due to the antibacterial property of eucalyptus, we’re trying to get this into his lil’ bod any way we can. We have a humidifier in his room that we drop a few doses in, providing moisture to loosen and clear the phlegm in his throat and chest. Good thing it smells so good. Last night at 3 am after having been up twice already, I was able to dream about the Willow Stream spa instead of the extreme tiredness that had ensued upon my heavy eye lids.

4.     Homeopathic remedies – Homeopathy is one of my favorite modalities when it comes to kidlets. It’s a gentle approach to redirect a child back to their healthy template. Barrett’s picture right now is a runny nose, rattily chest cough, yellow green discharge, yet his demeanor is still a happy, go lucky guy! Taking all of that into account I’m able to choose a remedy or two accordingly. Right now I’m dosing three times a day for three days with two alternating remedies, which has done the trick…SO far…

5.     Supplements – The use of supplements in my practice as well as personally (including my family) is very much on an ‘as needed’ basis. If I advise on supplements to be taken, I always have a time frame in mind. My exception to this rule, generally speaking, is vitamin D. It has an array of benefits and in this case, boosting his immune system is what I’m banking on! Vitamin D is one of the factors in regulating T lymphocytes – the ‘soldiers’ of our immune fighting team.

6.     Cuddles! Barrett’s got a man cold like his dad gets and all he wants is to be taken care of. How could you not want to scoop him up in your arms when he’s so cute? I’m not a biased mom at all though ;) In all seriousness, there is something to be said about being warm and close to a caregiver, feeling love and protection. Your body deals with less stress, and can heal much more quickly. Barrett’s dad is holding him as we speak!

Today is day three and my husband commented that he thinks this bug is on its way out…that’s impressive, no? Cold and flu seasons equals hanging around in doors and festering in bugs flying around constantly, right? So on day three, if this is on its way out already, we may be on to something here…