Whats in a name?

TBT to when Smitty and I named Barrett...Now he couldn't be any other name, but at the time it was such a big deal. Here was this new little sidekick we had next to us, and WE were responsible for a name?! Oh the pressure :)

On Day Two we arrived at a name. I actually found it quite overwhelming trying to decide what this little gaffer would be named…for the rest of his life. I mean, that’s a big decision no?

One of my favorite moments so far (in our two weeks he's been alive!) was when we named him. My husband, Smitty, had him on his chest skin to skin and I was lying next to them. We were looking at his face, looking at his lil' belly, at his toes, his fingers, his nose. And we came up with his name.

John Barrett Dinning Smith.  

John Smith. We went way out in left field heh? I mean we couldn’t pick a more common name if we tried, heh? John Smith is every where – he’s filled out more ‘example’ forms than the rest of us combined and he’s gotta be as busy as John Doe, cause he is in at least every other conversation people have when they are referring to ‘another person’ walking down the street. I mean he’s everywhere.

I have to admit – I was against using John for most of my pregnancy.

That is, until something shifted. He was born.

John is Dave’s dads name and Dave’s middle name. It has also been in the family for 6 generations.  I joke with Smitty – ofcourse it had. But I felt as though, all the same, how could we not keep it going?  More importantly, I all of a sudden felt emotional about the fact that I wanted this little human to grow up just like his dad, and his Pops (Grandad!). It felt so right to give him this first name.

Barrett came from Dave and I. He’ll go by Barrett. Dave and I could not agree on many names – boy or girl – for the life of us. We spent a weekend in Banff together near the beginning of my pregnancy and this one came up… I didn’t think we were going to pick it as it wasn’t ‘the one’. And then we met him.

I never knew how hard it was going to be to give up my last name. Everyone feels differently about this topic, I know. For me, since I was young I have always liked the idea of taking my husbands last name. It feels more united, I want the same last name as my children, and overall I like the idea. It was only when I had to give up mine, did I realize how hard it was to let go of what I felt was my identity! To add it as one of Barrett’s middle name makes it such that this little one will always have a piece of my past.

‘Meet the Smiths’…The name is so common that my Granny Jo’s maiden name was Smith. That’s just a bit creepy now, isn’t it. I wonder if Barrett will grow up to be ‘Smitty’ like his dad. Who knows but I definitely know that as 'common' as Smith is, my husband is far from it. And my hope for Barrett is he’ll grow up to be a strong, bold, confident individual that is not afraid to step outside ‘common’. I have no doubt he will.