Tweenager Anxiety: Starting School

Schools back and potentially so are the tweenager school jitters? Have your tween's sleep patterns changed in the last couple weeks aside from just new routine of back to school? Do they all of a sudden have digestive issues? Have their moods been a bit ‘on edge’?

Anxiety about school may be playing a role.

SO much goes on for this age group during this transition and change. If this seems to be a problem in your household or if you’re looking to troubleshoot if this IS a problem, I can help! Here’s how:

First we will look at identifying what the specific cause is of those jitters. We’ll then take a look at what body systems and aspects of health are being affected including the adrenals, nervous system, digestion, cognition, mood, energy, and sleep. So many factors for such a little person, right?

Good thing naturopathic medicine is so great at supporting all angles of this :)

And that’s just what we will do. Through a series of testing, and a long intake we can then build a treatment plan that can support them not only through the first few weeks/months of school, but longer term so that they lasting effects through the following years! Benefits to your tweens will be healthier digestion and therefore a thriving immune system, calming the nervous system, boosting their energy, supporting their sleep, modulating the ‘sugar highs and lows’ and boosting their overall mood.

Here’s to a great year at school!

There is such a surge of energy that occurs - positive and negative - with transition. Dr. Hillary Dinning, Calgary Naturopath, can help navigate through this period of change.

There is such a surge of energy that occurs - positive and negative - with transition. Dr. Hillary Dinning, Calgary Naturopath, can help navigate through this period of change.

Pregnancy – The Importance of Folate vs Folic Acid

Many of my patients – soon to be pregnant or currently pregnant – come in already taking a prenatal vitamin with folic acid in it. With recent research coming out stating that excessive amounts of folate can dramatically increase autism risk, I wanted to explain the whole story.

During pregnancy our body needs extra folate – this is the natural form of folic acid. Our body cannot use folic acid properly and therefore, in some instances, this can be an issue. I’ll explain further.

Why is folate needed?

Methyl folate is needed in our system, pregnant or not. Ben Lynch, an ND focused in the area of epigenetics, calls it the ‘quarter back of the body’. It supports the production of: neurotransmitters (those things that make us happy, relaxed, stimulated or not), energy (ATP to be exact), blood cells, our immune cells and therefore their proper function. In general it supports over two hundred ‘reactions’ that are run by methylation in our bodies. Sounds like a quarterback’s job to me :) 

During pregnancy – folate supports the production of the neural tube. The neural tube is built via building blocks of DNA. It is responsible for building our brain and spinal chord. If defects occur, you can imagine the implications this has on development of the fetus.

What’s the difference between folate and folic acid?

Folic acid is synthetic, manmade, not found in nature (do you get it now?) and has to be transformed before your body can use it. Methyl folate (5MTHF), on the other hand, is the major form of folate circulating in your blood. It is the ‘activated version’ of this vitamin/molecule. Folic acid is not methyl folate and can not be converted easily to methyl folate. It is the methyl group on methyl folate that supports those 200 plus enzymes (ie the ones that help to produce a healthy neural tube) in your body. The methyl group is the most important part of the folate. Folic acid DOES NOT have it.

Furthermore, folic acid can only be incorporated into our cells (where it is used) if it is reduced by an enzyme called dihydrafolate reductase (DHFR). But the problem is that this enzyme in humans is really slow. If we continuously are supplementing with folic acid, it then leads to a build up of un-metabolized folic acid lingering in the blood like a group of 16 year olds at a bush party. Ie – smells like trouble.

Well it is.  

Why? Because when we have too much un-metabolized folic acid in our blood, it slows down another enzyme called methyltetrahydrafolate reductase (MTHFR). This enzyme is the exact one responsible for making the methyl folate – which is exactly what we need to support the development of the neural tube!

Its all interconnected…is this making sense? Its not straight forward by any means. Bare with me here…

Important side note:

As mentioned already, MTHFR is the enzyme that helps to produce methyl folate. 60% of us have a MTHFR enzyme that is not operating at its full capacity. MTHFR defects are actually linked to a list of neural tube defect conditions along with numerous medical conditions including autism. MTHFR defects are possibly the area we should be focusing our study on, as well as treating, to reduce the number of these neural tube defects and other medical conditions such as autism.

What are sources of folate and folic acid?

Folic acid is found in enriched, processed foods, things like energy bars, breads, cereals, and lots of other packaged goods. Point is – always check the label.

Folate is found in your green leafy vegetables!! Point is? Eat your greens.

So what do we do with this information?

First of all, in the article link above, it would be good to know a) what type of folate is in the serum folate levels (methyl folate or unmetabolized folic acid?) and b) what % of mothers and babies have MTHFR defects. After this article was published, the author and researcher came out saying ‘There's this danger that the message would be that folate supplementation is bad. And that's not at all what we saw.”

Lastly here are some key take aways:

1.     During your pregnancy (and in general, for that matter) supplement with methyl folate instead of folic acid. Current recommendation right now is 800 mcg of folic acid during pregnancy. Scratch this. I typically put my patients on 1 mg / day of methyl folate. For me, dosage depends on age, current state of health, any MTHFR defect, and diet.

2.     Test for an MTHFR defect!! By testing this and subsequently treating for it, may be just the ticket to prevent the neural tube defects and 100’s of other disorders such as autism, that are linked to this defect.



Menopause - Oh no, not you?!

Are you or your mom, another family member or a friend at that point in life where random hot flashes occur, sleep patterns (or lack there of!) are slightly out of whack, mood is as labile as a Jerry Springer’s guest, weight just can't seem to stay off, and plain and simple you just ‘don’t feel like yourself’?

Menopause may be knocking at the door.

The worst part about it is that you have to answer it! At some point all women have to answer it, as this is a natural process in life. But guess what? Naturopathic medical support can actually make this ride very smooth….so listen up!

As much as we think that this is only a ‘hormonal’ issue, its not. Through an initial intake, I can assess your specific experience of perimenopause, understand what body systems are involved in your symptoms (ie insomnia, hot flashes, mood swings), and go about treating you for your specific needs. This can involve lab assessments via blood or salivary testing, as well as treatment with specific herbs, supplements and acupuncture.

Soon you will be opening that door and dancing your way through it! I look forward to supporting you through this transitional time in your life so lets chat.


Mom My Tummy Hurts!

How often do you hear this from your little ones? And how often do wrack your brain trying to think – did they catch a bug? Did they eat something that was off? Are they reacting to a food? And although kidlets can be quite cute when trying to describe how it ‘feels’, how often do you get frustrated trying to understand exactly what is going on for them?

This sore tummy is actually called Non-specific Abdominal Pain (NSAP) and is the ‘most common diagnosis on discharge following admission (to the hospital) for abdominal pain in childhood’.

So what you’re saying is they walk in to the hospital with a sore tummy and they walk out with a sore tummy?

This article also says that if a child is initially diagnosed with NSAP, the risk within the next ten years of being diagnosed with appendicitis or inflammatory bowel disease is heightened. Furthermore, post ten years, the risk of being diagnosed with a functional disorder (irritable bowel syndrome) or celiac is heightened.

Eek. Not good.

Solution: These little mini patients can step out the hospital doors and walk right through my clinic room door because these tummy issues don’t have to go untreated!

I can help to relieve you, as a parent, from wracking your brain for answers and figure them out together. How did this happen? What is really going on? And how are we going to fix it?

I’ll look at labs that have been done at the hospital or any other medical visits and possibly run more, I’ll ask a bazillion questions surrounding digestion, and a million more about other body systems that affect digestion. After gathering all the info, I’ll take a look and feel of your little ones belly and other organ systems, and we can then come up with a solution.

Growing a healthy digestive tract ensures a solid micro biome and therefore a strong immune system! Why? Because 80% of our immune system sits in our digestive tract. Starting these little patients on the right foot saves them from digestion issues and more importantly immune conditions, in the future. Imagine if we knew this when we were young? How many ppl would be walking around IBS, IBD and/or celiac free?

Conditions Treated #2: Urinary Tract Infections are SUCH a Pain!

Urinary tract infections (UTI’s) are the worst. The burning sensation when you’re peeing? Ouch, right? You feel like you need to go pee, you sit down, and nothing happens? So annoying! And worst of all, you think you’ve got rid of the UTI with antibiotics, only to feel another one come on shortly after the last one is gone? It’s terrible.

Getting rid of a UTI is one thing, preventing them from reoccurring is another. You can get relief both short term and long term! Here’s how:

The initial step in taking care of you is to perform both blood and urine tests in order to know what kind of bug we are dealing with as well as how far up the urinary tract is being effected (ie urethra, bladder, ureters or kidneys). That way we are sure to target exactly what little bug is causing all your uncomfortable symptoms as well as target the correct part of the tract. 

Secondly, treatment for you will entail a protocol involving one or some of the following modalities: herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, and/or lifestyle and nutrition changes. Goals of our treatment include killing the bug causing infection, supporting the urinary tract tissue to disable bugs to stick to it, soothing the urinary tract to heal the aggravated tissue and increasing the urinary flow to flush out the system.

Longer term, working to boost your immune system, assessing what is causing systemic inflammation and treating this, as well as strengthening the tissue in the urinary tract, you’ll find yourself wondering when the last time you had a UTI!

Conditions Treated #1: Ear Infections - Getting rid of that ear tugging for good!

If your babe, toddler or kidlet has a runny nose, its one thing. But when they start to tug on their ears, become fevered, and fuss more than usual, it’s another. We as parents immediately think of the worst – the dreaded ear infection.

Ear infections are scary! Instead of waiting around at a walk in clinic for hours and walking out with yet another round of antibiotics, call me - I can help right away!

Not only do you want to get rid of the current infection your babe has at that moment, but also help their system to prevent even a hint of another one coming on again! Here is how:

First of all – I will assess your baby’s ear by inspecting not only inside the ear, but the surrounding area – head, neck, chest, and digestion.

Depending on the assessment, supporting their immune system is key for two reasons: a) it will fight off the bug that is causing any redness, inflammation or pain in and around the ear and b) it will help to drain the area of fluid that has accumulated which may be the culprit for decreased hearing! This can be done through a number of different modalities used – anything from herbal medicine to homeopathic remedies as well as using foods and accessories you can probably find in your fridge and cupboards already!

Lastly – supporting the health of the ear canals as well as the overall immune system, we can help to decrease its chance of becoming infected again. Lets make sure those ear-tugging days are gone for good! 

Acupuncture for Pregnancy, Labor preparation and Induction, and Fertility

Are you looking to become pregnant? Are you pregnant, almost due, and ready for babe to make its entrance? Are you trying to become pregnant, either naturally or through IVF/IUI? Come in for acupuncture!

Lately a lot of my naturopathic patients have been in need of acupuncture treatment. Having seen the demand, I have recently designed acupuncture specific intake forms and updated our clinic website to allow for acupuncture initial and follow up appointments.  Book online here:

Here’s how one can benefit:

Prepping the body for pregnancy: Acupuncture can help to regulate hormone levels, increase blood flow to uterus and pelvic organs, decrease stress levels and improve ovarian function in order to maximize conception rates.

Labor prep and induction: Acupuncture can help to tone the uterus for its future work out (ie labor!), as well as ripen the cervix for dilation to occur, relax and soften ligaments so that baby can drop into pelvic region, and aid in decreasing stress to encourage baby to come.

Undergoing fertility treatment via Artificial Reproductive Technology: Acupuncture has proven to be beneficial during treatment and in the following specific scenarios - 

  • During a medicated cycle acupuncture can lower stress levels, support ovarian response to medication, and supports follicular growth
  • Before and during egg retrieval acupuncture can increase blood flow to ovaries, helps body recover from anesthetic and prepares uterus for embryo transfer
  • Pre and post IVF transfer – acupuncture can be performed to support implantation, relax the cervix, and increase pregnancy rates. In one study, acupuncture increased chances of success in IVF by 65%! 
  • Post transfer acupuncture can help to relieve stress levels that tend to rise during this time period

Any questions, feel free to ask me at I look forward to working with you!

Whats in a name?

TBT to when Smitty and I named Barrett...Now he couldn't be any other name, but at the time it was such a big deal. Here was this new little sidekick we had next to us, and WE were responsible for a name?! Oh the pressure :)

On Day Two we arrived at a name. I actually found it quite overwhelming trying to decide what this little gaffer would be named…for the rest of his life. I mean, that’s a big decision no?

One of my favorite moments so far (in our two weeks he's been alive!) was when we named him. My husband, Smitty, had him on his chest skin to skin and I was lying next to them. We were looking at his face, looking at his lil' belly, at his toes, his fingers, his nose. And we came up with his name.

John Barrett Dinning Smith.  

John Smith. We went way out in left field heh? I mean we couldn’t pick a more common name if we tried, heh? John Smith is every where – he’s filled out more ‘example’ forms than the rest of us combined and he’s gotta be as busy as John Doe, cause he is in at least every other conversation people have when they are referring to ‘another person’ walking down the street. I mean he’s everywhere.

I have to admit – I was against using John for most of my pregnancy.

That is, until something shifted. He was born.

John is Dave’s dads name and Dave’s middle name. It has also been in the family for 6 generations.  I joke with Smitty – ofcourse it had. But I felt as though, all the same, how could we not keep it going?  More importantly, I all of a sudden felt emotional about the fact that I wanted this little human to grow up just like his dad, and his Pops (Grandad!). It felt so right to give him this first name.

Barrett came from Dave and I. He’ll go by Barrett. Dave and I could not agree on many names – boy or girl – for the life of us. We spent a weekend in Banff together near the beginning of my pregnancy and this one came up… I didn’t think we were going to pick it as it wasn’t ‘the one’. And then we met him.

I never knew how hard it was going to be to give up my last name. Everyone feels differently about this topic, I know. For me, since I was young I have always liked the idea of taking my husbands last name. It feels more united, I want the same last name as my children, and overall I like the idea. It was only when I had to give up mine, did I realize how hard it was to let go of what I felt was my identity! To add it as one of Barrett’s middle name makes it such that this little one will always have a piece of my past.

‘Meet the Smiths’…The name is so common that my Granny Jo’s maiden name was Smith. That’s just a bit creepy now, isn’t it. I wonder if Barrett will grow up to be ‘Smitty’ like his dad. Who knows but I definitely know that as 'common' as Smith is, my husband is far from it. And my hope for Barrett is he’ll grow up to be a strong, bold, confident individual that is not afraid to step outside ‘common’. I have no doubt he will.

Enter Sniffles Magoo

Wintertime equals cold and flu season and its hit our home! Barrett, 4 months old yesterday, has not only caught a case of the smiles (constantly!), but also a runny goobery nose and a rattily chest cough.

Listening to his cough and watching that lovely fluid come out of his lil’ button nose is a bit disturbing to say the least. I’m all, ‘hey guy, your nose is running, you need a Kleenex or something?’ And he’s all, ‘hey mom, give me a break, I’m sick!’ And I’m all, ‘but you wont stop smiling, how come you’re so happy with a nose like that?’ And he’s all, ‘Cause you look funny when you talk all high pitched and smile all the time!’ And I’m all, ‘ok - fair comment - 1 Barrett, 0 Mom’...I digress.

Having caught it a couple days ago, what I am hoping for is a speedy recovery. My overall goal is to boost Bear’s immune system in order for his own body to fight the germs. Here’s what I’m doing to make that happen:

1.     24 hour milk bar has increased its bar service! Breast milk is this little guy’s number one source of immune boosting juices. Its chalked full of immune factors helping to kill off any bacterial or viral exposure the little munchkins come in contact with. Its incredible, actually, just how many immune boosting components there are to breast milk – check it out here.

2.     Castor oil/Eucalyptus rubs – Castor oil has been used for hundreds of years. Even before my parents were around (Just joking Dad!) In all seriousness, castor oil used topically acts as an antinflammatory, immunostimulant, and antimicrobial. As well, eucalyptus is an essential oil with antibacterial properties. I’d say a good six times a day and night I lather the little Bears chest, back and the bottom of his feet in this DIY concoction. I’ve scored a brand of castor oil that doesn’t stain his clothing, is quite thick, and absorbs readily.

3.     Eucalyptus inhalation – due to the antibacterial property of eucalyptus, we’re trying to get this into his lil’ bod any way we can. We have a humidifier in his room that we drop a few doses in, providing moisture to loosen and clear the phlegm in his throat and chest. Good thing it smells so good. Last night at 3 am after having been up twice already, I was able to dream about the Willow Stream spa instead of the extreme tiredness that had ensued upon my heavy eye lids.

4.     Homeopathic remedies – Homeopathy is one of my favorite modalities when it comes to kidlets. It’s a gentle approach to redirect a child back to their healthy template. Barrett’s picture right now is a runny nose, rattily chest cough, yellow green discharge, yet his demeanor is still a happy, go lucky guy! Taking all of that into account I’m able to choose a remedy or two accordingly. Right now I’m dosing three times a day for three days with two alternating remedies, which has done the trick…SO far…

5.     Supplements – The use of supplements in my practice as well as personally (including my family) is very much on an ‘as needed’ basis. If I advise on supplements to be taken, I always have a time frame in mind. My exception to this rule, generally speaking, is vitamin D. It has an array of benefits and in this case, boosting his immune system is what I’m banking on! Vitamin D is one of the factors in regulating T lymphocytes – the ‘soldiers’ of our immune fighting team.

6.     Cuddles! Barrett’s got a man cold like his dad gets and all he wants is to be taken care of. How could you not want to scoop him up in your arms when he’s so cute? I’m not a biased mom at all though ;) In all seriousness, there is something to be said about being warm and close to a caregiver, feeling love and protection. Your body deals with less stress, and can heal much more quickly. Barrett’s dad is holding him as we speak!

Today is day three and my husband commented that he thinks this bug is on its way out…that’s impressive, no? Cold and flu seasons equals hanging around in doors and festering in bugs flying around constantly, right? So on day three, if this is on its way out already, we may be on to something here…


41 and 3

TBT to when I was 41 weeks and 3 days overdue. Man what a wild ride I was about to endure...Here are some labor prep tips below!

Yes – I’m still pregnant! My midwife keeps telling me to be patient and they will come when they want. I’ll show you patience, ladies!?! I’ve cleaned my bathroom floor about 6 times in 10 days. Now that’s just plain weird. Talk about nesting…lets get on with the show baby Smitty!?

I wanted to share what I have done to help prep the ol’ bod for labor thus far.

1. Acupuncture – Starting at 38 weeks I started receiving acupuncture treatments from a good friend and fellow naturopath. Through manipulating energy (known as ‘qi’) within the body, acupuncture works to stimulate the body’s immune, nervous and endocrine system to return the body to its homeostatic state. Specifically acupuncture can tone the uterus, can help turn the baby into the correct position, as well as de-stress the mamma ie prepare me for labor!

Starting at 39.5 weeks we changed my protocol to include all points that are ‘contraindicated during pregnancy’ (ie lets get this baby out!) By stimulating these points, the body releases prostaglandins (pg’s) and oxytocin. PG’s soften and ripen the cervix for labor whereas oxytocin is the hormone that causes the uterus to contract. 

2. Homeopathic remedies – Homeopathy works by way of a ‘like cures like’ method. A remedy is given to match the symptoms of an individual thereby encouraging the body (in this case) to bring on labor! The preparation I made had a combination of remedies that help support a variety of aspects of labor such as fear and anticipatory anxiety, toning the uterus, providing energy, and to encourage contractions to continue once they have started. This mixture is made in a low potency - the lower the potency, the more it works on the physical aspects of the body.

3. Exercise – I’ve been walking a lot and every so often I stop on the path and do some mad lunging…I look very odd, to say the least. But I mean, come on now, whatever works! In all seriousness, exercise helps to increase circulation in the body, which will then get things moving! Lunges specifically help to align the pelvis to encourage the baby’s head to engage.

Similarly, I have been bouncing on a big pink Swedish ball a few times a day. Again this helps to encourage baby’s head to engage.

4. Osteopathic care – This is one of my favorite physical modalities especially for pre and postnatal care. The practice includes gentle manipulation of tendons, ligaments, bones, muscles and organs. It works to align your body including your organs such that they function in an optimal state. Back in university I injured my sacro-iliac joint (hip). Due to my ignorance and persevering through pain (read: bone-head move) I turned the injury chronic and therefore the joint itself, feels ‘stuck’ every so often. Due to the chronic nature of the injury, it affects my intestinal tract as well. I wanted to make sure that my hip was going to be in good shape heading into a possible marathon labor. I started going to the osteopath at four months and have increased my visits towards the end of my pregnancy.

Evening primrose oil (EPO) – towards the end of pregnancy EPO has been shown to release prostaglandins that help to thin the cervix. I started taking this orally at 36 weeks and have used suppositories every night since 39.5 weeks. As the cervix becomes dilated, its one of many things that may induce labor.

6. Rubus Idaeus – this delicious tasting herb (red raspberry!) is used to tone the uterus. As the uterus is a muscle and about to do the biggest work out of its life, it needs all the help it can get! I’ve been drinking copious amounts of this tea, I’m surprised I’m not red!

From an emotional standpoint I’ve been working on the letting go process (check out last blog post). I do believe, on a certain level, that I’m not letting go…I’m still trying to figure this out. When I’m falling asleep at night I visualize relaxing my pelvic floor and bringing in nurturing light. My color is aqua blue. Sometimes yellow. 

At the end of the day, I feel like it comes down to two things. One – there is hundreds of factors that play a role in the induction of labor – hundreds! So if ninety nine are in place and I do only one of the above seven things, that may just tip me over the edge. I’ve decided to do all of the above in order to increase my chances.

Secondly and most importantly above all – I do believe babe will come when it wants to. That is definitely one thing I have trust in.

So – I wait. For one of the life's biggest events to unfold.

Thirty Seven and a Half Weeks - Facing Change

Although my tale to be told of motherhood actually has begun and I have a three month old (as of tomorrow!) I wrote a number of blog entries previously, which I will share with you...I wrote the first one at 37.5 weeks pregnant - so wild looking back to where my head was at. Read on:

I’m not sure when its supposed to ‘hit you’ that you are becoming a parent. Is it when you first become pregnant? Is it when you see the babe for the first time? For me it’s been a process, more so than just an instant in time.

But I find myself sitting here at 37.5 weeks having spent the last three days in random puddles of tears, noticing that I’m going through one more ‘process’ period. Is it hormones? YES, most definitely (Read this! - thank you Niki Nephin for passing this along). But is it more than just hormones? YES, most definitely.

I’ll spare you the details of each puddle of tears I’ve been splashing through, but what I will share is this: I recognize now that I’m having to let go of an old life, and having to move on to a new one – one full of unknown (first time momma!), constant change (you’re dealing with a growing little squish face here!!) and scariest part – not having complete control over any of it!? Coming from someone who loves to have control (eek! I admit it), I’m clearly having a tough go with this one.

So how does one get through ‘change’ when it feels so drastic and overwhelming at times? My answer: Roll with it, let go and trust.

You say: Whachyou talkin’ bout Willis?

And I say: I’ll explain…

Roll with it:  So I’m crying at the drop of a hat. So what? I leave the gym to get in the car, and tears start to come. I’m sitting at family dinner on Sunday night (my favorite time of the week!) and tears want to come. So what? Roll with it.  You’re allowed to be this way. You’re nurturing a small human inside of you, and the change that you are about to surge upon is big! So let yourself just do what you need to do.  Let the tears come if they need to, let the giggles come afterwards if you find yourself thinking how strange those tears are, let yourself just be. Its good to process these things instead of hold them inside. Don’t we want to instill good communication skills in the little ones? Well it starts now! Don’t hold the emotion inside for them to ‘brew’ in. Let it out. My reflexologist, Rita Davis (words cannot describe what it feels like to be in the presence of this women – experience this for yourself here) told me yesterday that we can breathe out 60% of our own bodies toxins with those deep belly breaths. Try it. Or tears work too :)

Let go. I’m not only referring to letting go of the past, but more importantly letting go of control. How can I control things in the future days and weeks of a newborn, when I don’t even know what there is to control?! Even writing this, I get heart palpitations haha! But here is what I’ve been thinking about: Control is attached to fear – ie I fear that I am not going to be a good parent, I fear my child wont be a happy soul, I fear that my birth is going to go wrong. But what good does this do?! All it is doing for me is bringing negative nelly feelings into my body and not helping baby carry good energy. And thats the thing I fear the most?! Clearly, the fear is only detrimental to the babe as well as my own health.

So…to let go, I must trust.

Trust. This is a lesson in progress for me. I used to find it hard to trust outcomes unless I had control over them; I used to get so worked up and anxious, if people or situations were ‘out of place’ cause I never trusted that, in the end, things would work out. If I was being honest with myself, I should write those sentences in present tense…BUT I’m learning... I believe trust starts in your core, right in your solar plexus (read more) It’s a matter of trusting that you will resonate with the universe the way you are supposed to in your life time. And therefore, things will unfold the way they are supposed to for you. To be clear…I’m not stating to sit back and watch your life go by. I’m saying be an active participant alongside this trust. Does this make sense?

Here is an example: I’m going to have a new baby soon, and so what if its not happy all the time? What if I’m not always an angel parent all the time? And what if my birth doesn’t go as planned? Well, if I can trust the fact that I will do the best that I possibly can, if I can trust that the little soul joining us will be the happiest that they are meant to be, then I can save my energy worrying, and leave it to be positive, excited and full of energy to give this new relationship I’m about to embark on all that I can.

And so the process continues...

Mammas-to-be, pappas-to-be, I’m wondering how you deal with change?